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A UPS can only provide limited back-up time and invariably only for critical applications. A generator can provide continuous AC mains power to the entire site for as long as the fuel supply is available.

Computer Power Solutions provides a range of generators, which can be supplied as either a standalone solution or as part of the total power solution. With single phase generators to 33kVA and three phase generators to 800kVA (with the capability to parallel systems for redundancy or capacity) we can provide the ideal solution.

Generators can be supplied as open sets or in acoustic and weatherproof enclosures with an integral double-bunded fuel tank built into the base. Manual or automatic start and change-over capabilities are available as standard. An electronic governor is recommended when used with UPS systems to provide fast response times to load changes.

Sizing of the generator is critical, particularly when used in conjunction with a UPS, along with any start up loads associated with heavy plant and machinery, for example air conditioning, manufacturing systems etc. Such factors are accounted for in our proposals and recommendations.


Additional options include:-

  • Automatic mains failure panels
  • Load transfer switches
  • Enhanced noise attenuation eg 65dbA at 1 metre
  • Secure containerised systems
  • Extended fuel tanks
  • Remote monitoring
  • Full installation & commissioning services
  • Comprehensive range of maintenance contracts